June 27, 2014

It's the end of Mason Johnson's "Sad Robot Stories" book tour!

Mason Johnson: The 2014 Sad Robot Tour

It's the end today of the virtual book tour for Mason Johnson's CCLaP novella, Sad Robot Stories! I'd like to again thank everyone who helped to make this tour happen, with a special big thanks to our marketing director Lori Hettler for all her hard work in keeping this schedule held together, and to make a mention of the last few stops the tour took this week: namely, on Wednesday Mason was hanging out at Guiltless Reading, where he did a special new hilarious video that breaks apart the entire concept of "book trailers;" then yesterday Mason was at the Books With Occasional Food litblog, where he humorously mused on what robots must think of the various strange foods we humans eat; and then today Mason is finishing up the tour at the Banango Street lit journal, where he details the actual process of signing and finishing this book once he got involved with us here at CCLaP. It's been a fascinating two weeks, and I hope you've enjoyed following along with this as much as I have. Don't forget, we do virtual book tours like this once every couple of months for our books; so if you run a litblog and would like to participate in a future tour, please just drop us a line at cclapcenter [at] gmail.com and let us know!

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