June 6, 2014

The CCLaP Weekender for June 6th is here!

CCLaP Weekender for June 6, 2014

This week's edition of our new e-magazine, The CCLaP Weekender released every Friday morning, is now online for your free downloading pleasure. It features a new piece of original fiction by author Faith Gardner; a photography feature highlighting the work of Irish artist Brendan Ó Sé; and our usual look at the upcoming week of local literary events happening all across the city. Use the links below to access it right now.

Right-click here for PDF / Voluntarily donate 99 cents
Online version at Issuu.com (or just use the embedded version above if you're seeing it)

And I'm also happy to announce that our new live-events director, Anna Thiakos, has decided to reactivate our long-dormant weekly email newsletter; so if you'd like to get a reminder every Friday morning about each new issue of the Weekender, plus a recap of everything that has happened with the center in the last seven days (including news about recent author features and events from around the US, a look at all our latest eBay rare-book auctions, links to each book review we posted at the blog that week, and a lot more), simply sign up using the box below. We never sell your information nor send more than one email a week, and you can quit at any time!

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