August 7, 2014

And this just in: Eleanor Stanford's "Historia, Historia" wins Peace Corps Experience Award!

Eleanor Stanford's 'Historia, Historia' Wins Peace Corps Experience Award

Exciting news that just came into CCLaP headquarters yesterday: Eleanor Stanford's CCLaP essay collection Historia, Historia has just won the 2014 Moritz Thomsen Peace Corps Experience Award! This is given out each year by an organization called Peace Corps Worldwide, a group of current and former volunteers who all enjoy writing and reading about their experiences; so to have this award be determined by a group of her fellow Peace Corps writers is something extra-special to us, and we here at CCLaP are humbled and honored to have received it. I'm just so proud anyway of merely having this book in our catalog to begin with, mostly because it would normally be such a difficult title to place at a mainstream press, and I feel that this is the main benefit of small presses in the first place, that they provide a home to books that are hard to place elsewhere; partly it's a traditional academic nonfiction look at the Cape Verde Islands off the western coast of Africa, and a really insightful yet beautifully written analysis of the Creole language that's spoken there, but it's also a very daring personal memoir about the eating disorder Eleanor developed while there, and the things she now understands about the experience now that 15 years have passed since the events in question. This is one of the top-five biggest sellers in CCLaP's entire catalog, for a very good reason in my opinion, and it's a real thrill to see Eleanor be recognized by her peers in this way, the icing on a very good cake we've all been eating for the last few years. You can click here to see more details about the award announcement itself, or head over to [] for a completely free copy of the ebook edition, if you've never read it yourself.

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