September 2, 2014

CCLaP Podcast 118: The CCLaP Showcase with Amber Hargroder

CCLaP Podcast 118: The CCLaP Showcase with Amber Hargroder

It's Monday Tuesday, which means it's time for another episode of the CCLaP Podcast. Today, it's a special one-hour live recording from the August edition of our new "CCLaP Showcase" reading series and open mic, held at the fantastic City Lit Books in the Logan Square neighborhood (2523 N. Kedzie). This month's edition features a special performance from local playwright Amber Hargroder, reading from her new novel-in-progress.

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CCLaP Showcase: Paulette Livers

And don't forget about the September edition of the show, being held on the 23rd at 6:30 pm, featuring the local author Paulette Livers performing from her darkly poetic Vietnam-War novel Cementville. Do make sure to go by the event's Facebook listing for more information, and we hope to see all you Chicagoans there!

The Two-Step, by Christine Longé

For more by the playwright Christine Longé who you'll hear in the open mic section of this podcast, make sure to check out her one-person show The Two-Step, currently playing as part of the Chicago Fringe Festival. Last local dates are September 5th and 6th at 7pm and 5:30pm respectively, at the Lake Effect Stage at 5342 W. Lawrence; tickets are $10 in advance, plus $5 for a festival pass.

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