September 15, 2014

Week of Updates: Our newest book is here!

Chicago After Dark: A City All-Star Student Anthology

It's been a busy month behind the scenes here at CCLaP, with several old projects finally now finished and a couple of new projects under our belt too; and I'm happy to say that we're going to have a major new announcement for you here at the site every day this week. First up -- our newest book is now out! And in fact this is a brand-new type of book for us too, the first of what we hope will be a long-running annual series, a "city all-star" student anthology that features work from students at ten different universities across the city and suburbs here in Chicago. Entitled Chicago After Dark, it features fiction stories, nonfiction pieces, and poetry from 31 different contributors*, all themed around the idea of stories that take place at night in the city; it's the most ambitious book we've ever put together, one that took nine months and a team of seven people to assemble, and includes a brand-new introduction by revered author Don De Grazia of cult favorite American Skin.

*Contributors include: Virginia Ilda Baker (Columbia College), Hal Baum (Columbia College), Marquise Davion (Columbia College), Cam Enos (University of Illinois-Chicago), Austin Eskeberg (Columbia College), Francisco Espinal (Wilbur Wright College), Angie Flores (Dominican University), Alyssa Fuerholzer (Columbia College), Kendra Hadnott (National Louis University), Charlie Harmon (Columbia College), Alicia Ann Hauge (Columbia College), Eric Houghton (DePaul University), Melissa Huedem (Columbia College), Libby Kalmbach (DePaul University), Amy Kisner (Columbia College), Thom Kudla (DePaul University), Elizabeth Major (Columbia College), Maggie McGovern (Columbia College), Mary Mellon (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Ka'Mia Miller (Columbia College), Nicole Montavlo (Columbia College), Matthew Morley (DePaul University), Rachel Lee Ormes (Columbia College), Aaron Osborne (DePaul University), Phallon Perry (Northwestern University), Zack Reiter (Columbia College), Megan Shattuck (Columbia College), Robert Eric Shoemaker (University of Chicago), Lauren T. Silverman (DePaul University), Kendall Steinle (DePaul University), and Nicholas Szczepanik (School of the Art Institute of Chicago).

Chicago After Dark paperback

As always, the electronic version of this book is completely free to download if you wish, in four different versions (PDFs for American and European laserprinters, EPUB for most mobile devices, and MOBI specifically for Amazon Kindles), all of which can be found at; or you can order a trade paperback version right this second for $14.99 plus shipping by clicking on the following button...


...And of course don't forget that the book has its own listing at, and I encourage my fellow GRers to add it to their library there and especially to post a few thoughts after reading it, in that word-of-mouth is absolutely the number-one way that small presses like ours increase sales of our books. We'll also be holding a whole series of events across the city this fall to help celebrate and promote the book, including release parties at nearly all ten schools involved, as well as high-profile events at next year's Story Week and Chicago Humanities Festival, so do make sure to check this website regularly for the latest. I have to say, I'm incredibly proud of this book, which took us freaking forever to actually put together into its polished professional state (a big reason we got so behind on all our other projects this summer to begin with), so I hope you'll have a chance to stop by its online headquarters right this moment and download or order a copy. More big announcements like this coming tomorrow and every other day this week, so I hope you'll have a chance to stop by again for it all!

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