October 17, 2014

Chicagoans, hope to see you at tonight's Columbia College party!

Chicago After Dark Columbia College Contributor Party

Hey, Chicagoans, will you be close to the South Loop area tonight? Then I hope you'll have a chance to stop by the Columbia College contributor party for our new "city all-star" student anthology, Chicago After Dark, being held at the school's "Stage Two" space on the second floor of their 618 S. Michigan building from 7 to 9 pm tonight. It'll feature free food and drinks, plus around a half-hour of performances culled randomly from the various contributors who will be there that night (including Virginia Ilda Baker, Hal Baum, Marquise Davion, Austin Eskeberg, Alyssa Fuerholzer, Charlie Harmon, Alicia Ann Hauge, Melissa Huedem, Amy Kisner, Elizabeth Major, Maggie McGovern, Ka'Mia Miller, Nicole Montavlo, Rachel Lee Ormes, Zack Reiter, and Megan Shattuck); and although it's mostly a way for the Columbia contributors and their friends to celebrate the book, certainly we welcome any member of the public to come by, so I hope you'll have a chance to attend too. Check out its Facebook event for more, and I look forward to seeing you tonight!

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