October 21, 2014

Meet Chris Schahfer, CCLaP's newest book reviewer!

Meet Chris Schahfer, CCLaP's newest book reviewer

Hey, everyone, just wanted to take a moment and make sure you got introduced to CCLaP's newest book reviewer, Chris Schahfer based right here in Chicago. Chris is a graduate of Wayne State University who is now a creative writing MFA candidate at the local Roosevelt University; like all our other reviewers, he'll be posting a write-up about a contemporary book once every week or two, as well as an ongoing essay series over the next year in which he tackles notoriously thick and dense novels throughout history. Chris's first review, regarding Lydia Davis' Can't and Won't, just went live the other day, so I hope you'll have a chance to check it out. We're really glad to have him onboard, and I hope you grow to be as big a fan of his astute literary analysis as I've recently become.

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