October 27, 2014

Say hello to CCLaP's newest book, Hussein Osman's "The Wounding Time!"

The Wounding Time, by Hussein Osman

Well, after a quiet summer here at CCLaP of getting our ducks back in a row, I'm happy to say that our publishing program is back in full force, with a whopping four new original books that will be coming your way over the next eight week; and I'm extremely proud today to announce the first of those books, the fascinating character study and metaphorical "War on Terror" portrait The Wounding Time, the explosive literary debut of London author Hussein Osman. As always, the book's dust-jacket synopsis does a better job of explaining it than I can off the cuff here, so let me just paste it in below...

Jamie has lost his brother Matt to the war in Afghanistan. What he finds harder to deal with is that he soon starts to lose a sense of Matt. Hurt and confused, Jamie decides he must travel to the place where Matt was killed--he must go to Kabul. There he finds a surreal landscape of mercenaries and soldiers, violent teenage terrorists, diaspora-trained lawyers in a land currently without law, and where he strikes up a friendship with a beautiful, headstrong local woman. As Jamie's life descends into a series of unwelcome encounters, and Afghanistan descends further into chaos, things reach a climactic head for the British blue-collar slacker antihero, and it soon becomes clear that his rash trip to a land he doesn't understand may end up holding deadly consequences. A major new literary achievement, and one of the most metaphorically astute looks yet at the Millennial "War on Terror," The Wounding Time is a darkly poetic contemporary masterpiece, and marks the brilliant literary debut of London author Hussein Osman.

Yeah, I know, right?! I was flabbergasted when this book first came in to our offices over a year ago, it's so amazing and unsettling; and after several delays because of the financial troubles we had earlier this year, I'm very excited to finally release this to all of you for your reading enjoyment. This is literally one of the best contemporary war novels I've ever read, even more astounding for this being Hus's first novel, and I'm sure you'll agree with me after you read it that it's one of the most thought-provoking and well-written books we've ever published in our history.

The Wounding Time at Amazon

As always, the electronic version of The Wounding Time is completely free to download if you choose, over at the book's main online headquarters, in the usual four formats (PDFs for both American and European laserprinters, EPUB for most mobile devices, and MOBI specifically for Amazon Kindles); or if you're a Kindle owner and prefer having the book directly sent to your device, you can purchase it at the Kindle Store for $9.99. And as always, we have a sharp looking paperback that you can order for $14.99, plus $3 shipping, by using the button below...


Although in this case we have a special situation to deal with, since Hus is British and so many of his readers will be ordering copies directly from the UK. If that's the case with you, I instead encourage you to purchase the paperback from Amazon.co.uk, so that you will only have to pay local shipping costs and will receive the book just a few days after your order. (Although we appreciate everyone who orders books directly from us, since we get to keep a lot more of the cover price that way, in this case British readers will have to pay an extra $13 in shipping and wait about a week and a half for their copies, which is why in this case I encourage you to instead purchase it through Amazon.) And of course don't forget that this book has its own listing at Goodreads.com; if you're a regular there like I am, I'd like to ask you to please add the book to your library there, and especially to post a few thoughts about it once you've read it. Word-of-mouth is far and away the number-one way that indie presses like ourselves generate new customers, and your mention of this book online can and does make a legitimately huge difference in how many copies it will eventually sell.

We've got another book coming your way in just another three weeks, the Elmore-Leonardesque crime thriller and black comedy The Links in the Chain by Fred Russell; but for now, I hope you'll have a chance to download or purchase The Wounding Time soon, and see for yourself why this is one of the most exciting releases CCLaP has ever put together. It's sure to blow you away, just like it did for me, and I look forward to hearing what you thought of it.

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