November 14, 2014

Come out to our last two events of the year!

Well, we're getting close to the date that CCLaP shuts down every year for the holidays (we pare down our activities to a bare minimum from Thanksgiving to New Year's every year, for those who don't know, just to give our hard-working staff some much-needed time off), but I wanted to remind you about two more live Chicago events we're squeezing in before that happens...

Chicago After Dark University of Chicago contributor party, with Memoryhouse Magazine

First, I'm happy to say that we're doing yet another campus-specific contributor party to celebrate the "city all-star" student anthology we put out earlier this fall, the hugely popular Chicago After Dark; this newest one will be down at the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park this coming Monday, November 17th, starting at 7pm, in the south lounge of the school's famous Reynolds Club (5706 S. University Avenue). And even better, this time we're doing it in conjunction with a campus literary magazine, the excellent Memoryhouse Magazine which actually shares a contributor with us (Eric Shoemaker, who was the one who made this event happen in the first place); Memoryhouse actually runs a professional performance ensemble on top of doing their paper magazine, so they will be doing a multimedia performance on Monday night, as well as short performances from CCLaP contributors Shoemaker, Phallon Perry, Angie Flores and Alicia Hauge. The whole thing is free, and there will be food and drinks as well, so I hope all of you down there on the south side will have a chance to make it out, and do make sure to check out the event's Facebook page for more.

CCLaP Showcase: Patricia Ann McNair

And then the Tuesday after that, November 25th, we're extremely proud to be presenting the last CCLaP Showcase of 2014, this time with revered local author and Columbia College professor Patricia Ann McNair. Patricia is a hugely popular teacher and writer here in the city, and we're expecting this to be our biggest reading of the year (our open mic is already completely filled, just to give you one indication), so it's going to be a nice way for us to officially end our active performance schedule for the year, and a great chance to see some amazing Columbia writers sharing their most recent work. As always, it's at City Lit Books in the Logan Square neighborhood (2523 N. Kedzie), starting promptly this time at 6:30 pm, and with free drinks there as well. Stop by the event's Facebook page for more, and I hope you'll have a chance to come by and celebrate the end of another successful and productive year with us.

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