January 12, 2015

CCLaP's newest book, Ben Tanzer's "After the Flood," is now available!

After the Flood, by Ben Tanzer

Happy 2015! Now that the new year is upon us, CCLaP is back to the same aggressive publishing schedule as we had last year, mostly because we keep getting sent so many great books and want to have the chance to share them all with you; this means not only a new title every single month this year, but in fact four new books just in the next five weeks, in that two of them are holdovers from last year that we simply ran out of time to get out during the holidays. Today is the kickoff of the very first one, which is celebrated author Ben Tanzer's third story collection with us, entitled After the Flood and now available as we speak as both a free ebook and as one of our special handmade "Hypermodern" hardback paper books. As always, the book's synopsis does a better job of describing it than I can off the top of my head, so let me just post it below...

Greetings once again from the fictional upstate New York town of Two Rivers, location of Ben Tanzer's other two story collections with CCLaP, 2008's Repetition Patterns and 2011's So Different Now. In these new stories, the citizens of this Sam-Shepardesque village are facing the prospect of the "Storm of the Century" and a massive flash flood. Instead of nobly rising to the occasion, however, the characters featured in these intense, probing pieces struggle with the same limitations and poor choices that have haunted them throughout these collections, resulting in the type of portraits of alcoholism, abuse and infidelity we've come to expect from this dark master of the American small-town soul. A brilliantly metaphorical look at the Great Recession of the 2010s, and a fitting end to CCLaP's "Hypermodern" series of small handmade hardback books, this latest volume of the ongoing series by Tanzer is considered by many to be some of the best work of his career, and you are sure to be both moved and horrified by the results.

After the Flood: The Hypermodern Paper Edition

This is a particularly wistful release for us, because it marks the official end of our "Hypermodern" series, a grand total of 30 small handmade books that we started releasing way back in 2008; they've become a victim of their own success, frankly, and we simply don't have the spare time anymore to keep making them, which is why we started publishing traditional paperbacks beginning last year and will be moving exclusively to that format in 2015. The handmade books were great for us while they lasted, and I'll miss having something so distinct in our catalog, so I hope you'll have a chance to order this very last one we'll be doing, using the Paypal link below...


After the Flood, at the Amazon Kindle Store

But as usual, we're also offering the ebook version completely for free if you choose to download it that way, available in four different formats (PDFs for both American [8.5 x 11] and European [A4] laserprinters, an EPUB for most mobile devices, and MOBI exclusively for Amazon Kindles); or if you own a Kindle and it would be easier for you simply to purchase this directly from the Kindle Store for wireless transfer, you can do so there for $4.99. And of course don't forget that this book has its own listing at Goodreads.com as well; I hope all of you who are fellow members of that social network like I am will have a chance to add it to your library, and especially to post a few thoughts about the book there when you're done reading it. Word of mouth is the number-one way a small press like ours sells more books, so your mention of it online can and very much does have a profound effect on our overall success as a publishing company.

Like I said, two more books coming on a weekly basis after this one, then yet another new title two weeks after that, with more books then coming once a month from now until the end of the year; but for now I hope you'll have a chance to go check out After the Flood right this moment, and we look forward to seeing your thoughts about it online over the next few weeks.

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