January 19, 2015

Check out CCLaP's newest book, Karl Wolff's "The NSFW Files!"

The NSFW Files, by Karl Wolff

It's busy days around here at CCLaP, as we not only start up our new monthly schedule of new books for 2015, but are also squeezing out two books from 2014 that we weren't able to get out in time for the holidays; and today I'm happy to announce the second of those delayed books, Karl Wolff's essay collection The NSFW Files. If this title already rings a bell, it's because Karl's actually one of the staff writers here at the blog, and this essay series has been running here once a month over the last year, scholarly looks at various volumes over the decades and centuries that have in one way or another been labeled "obscene" or "erotic" by their contemporary audiences; but as always, the book's dust jacket does a better job of explaining it than I can here off the cuff, so let me just paste it in below...

The runaway success of Fifty Shades of Grey made erotica mainstream, but can erotica really be written off as derivative fiction read by suburban moms for titillation? As Karl Wolff investigates in his new collection of essays, erotica belongs in a vast literary landscape, a genre that hides hidden treasures and rare delights. He covers erotica from The Song of Songs to Nic Kelman's girls: A Paean; from Gynecocracy to Matriarchy: Freedom in Bondage; from City of Night to Naked Lunch; Story of the Eye to Story of O; and a bawdy bouquet of graphic novels. The NSFW Files includes essays on erotica written by a Nobel laureate, an outsider artist, a surrealist, and a French prisoner, among many more. Most important, the essay collection offers an answer to the question, "What dirty book should I read next?"

The NSFW Files: The Hypermodern Paper Edition

This is our next-to-last short handmade "Hypermodern" book before finally retiring the series for good (although let me admit because of our wonky schedule that we've already released what is technically the very last Hypermodern title, Ben Tanzer's After the Flood from last week); and it's a nice thick one in this case, almost 200 pages altogether, because of Karl adding three new essays that never appeared at the blog, plus a new introduction, a "lecherous lexicon" that explains many of the terms he uses throughout the book, and a new long afterword that helps tie up the themes discussed throughout. Now that our "Hypermodern" series is officially finished (at a final book count of 30 titles), it's now possible to start the process of collecting every single one of them and having a complete set, so there's no better way to start than by picking up this one using the "buy now" button seen below...


The NSFW Files: The Hypermodern Paper Edition

And of course, like all our titles, the ebook edition is completely free here at the website for those who want to download it that way (technically "pay what you want," although with "pay nothing" being a perfectly valid choice); or if you own a Kindle and you find it easier to pay five bucks and have it automatically download to your device wirelessly, certainly I encourage you to do it that way instead. And as always, there's also a listing for this book over at Goodreads.com, so I hope all my fellow GRers get a chance to add it to their library there and especially to post a few thoughts about it after you're done reading. Adding to your "to-read" list there is great, but it's the actual reviews that convince other people to pick it up themselves; and with this being the number-one way a tiny and broke operation like ours generates new customers, your mention of this book online can and does have a very concrete effects in the total number of books we sell.

I've been a big fan of these essays as Karl has been writing and posting them over the last year here, and I'm very excited to have this full book finally out; so if you've enjoyed Karl's online writing about books and comics here as well, I really encourage you to stop by the book's web headquarters right this moment and download a copy for yourself. Yet another new CCLaP book coming your way next Monday too, so I hope you'll get a chance to stop by again and check that out as well!

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