January 26, 2015

The CCLaP train keeps rolling! Say hello to Stephen Moles' "Paul is Dead!"

Paul is Dead, by Stephen Moles

It's been an insane 2015 so far for us here at CCLaP, as we have literally released a new original book every single week since the year first started, mostly as a way to catch up with the books from last Christmas that we didn't end up getting out; but now that our back titles are out of the way, I'm happy today to announce our first full-length book of the year, British author Stephen Moles' absurdist comedy Paul is Dead. As always, the book's synopsis does a better job at describing it than I can, so let me just paste it in below...

Paul McCartney is not a celebrity himself, but works on the edges of that industry, unhappily toiling away at a tabloid devoted to famous deaths and the public's ongoing fascination with them. But one day he discovers a mysterious red button on a back wall of his new house, which when pressed causes the immediate death of a celebrity sometimes half a world away. And what does this have to do with the eyeball in a glass jar that his biggest fan has recently mailed to him? Find out the darkly hilarious answer in this full-length debut of British absurdist author Stephen Moles. A rousingly bizarro exploration of fame, identity and mortality, this novella will make you laugh and cringe in equal measure, a perfect read for existing fans of Will Self or Chuck Palahniuk. You might not think a book about death would begin with the word "life" written 27 times in a row, but then you have yet to enter the strange but compelling world of Paul is Dead. Best approached with caution and with tongue firmly in cheek!

Yeah, I know, right?! I've become a big fan of bizarro fiction since opening CCLaP in 2007, mostly because of the tight community of bizarro writers at Goodreads who keep sending me their books for review, so I'm particularly proud to be publishing today our very first bizarro tale ourselves, and especially proud of it being the full-length debut of the very deserving Moles. For those who have never read bizarro fiction before, expect a story that combines very black humor with a sorta cartoonish mentality, sort of like the best of Monty Python or Tim & Eric.

'Paul is Dead' at the Amazon Kindle Store

As always, we've made the ebook version completely free to download here at the website, for those who would like to read it that way; or if you'd like to support the center a little more than that (or simply prefer having Amazon push your ebooks directly to your Kindle wirelessly), you can also purchase the ebook there for $9.99. Plus of course there's a paperback version available, in a cute new 4 by 7 inch format that all our future novella-length books will be coming out in, which you can order directly from us by using the Paypal link below...


Are you a fellow UK resident like Moles? We strongly encourage you to purchase the paperback instead through Amazon.co.uk, the link for which will be available by this Wednesday at the latest; since this is being offered through Amazon's digital printing service, that means your UK order will actually be printed and shipped from there in England itself, meaning that you will only have to pay for local postage and that you'll receive your book in a mere two or three days, just like an American who might order directly through us. (This is the case, in fact, for any of you in Europe, plus other countries that Amazon services like Australia, Canada, India, Japan and more. This is a great new deal we've struck with Amazon, and means that all of you will only have to pay local postage anymore for any book CCLaP publishes, so we highly encourage you to take advantage of this whenever possible.) Plus of course don't forget that this book has its own listing at Goodreads.com too, so I strongly urge all of you fellow GRers to add it to your library there, and especially to post a few thoughts about it after you're done reading it. We literally have no advertising budget at CCLaP, literally zero dollars, so word-of-mouth is the number-one way we generate new customers around here. Your mention of our books online, whether at Goodreads, Amazon, or your personal blog, can and does have a huge impact on the number of books we sell, so we appreciate any write-up you might be able to do.

The CCLaP train just keeps rolling in 2015 as well -- our next book is coming out in just another three weeks from now -- but for now, I hope you'll have a chance to go check out Paul is Dead right this moment, and see like I did why this extremely clever and funny book will have you laughing and shuddering at the same exact time.

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