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Book Review: "Praying Drunk," Kyle Minor | February 26, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Chris Schahfer reviews Kyle Minor's "Praying Drunk," a story collection with linked characters that makes it grander in scope than the typical book of shorts. Says Chris, "I don't know if this will be the best book I review all year, but Kyle Minor's doing some enviable work right now." | Read entire entry

Book Review: "The Lycan Hunter" by Kelsey Jordan | February 25, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Jason Pettus reviews "The Lycan Hunter" by Kelsey Jordan, which unfortunately is a perfect example of why people roll their eyes whenever they hear the words "self-published erotic werewolf saga." | Read entire entry

Stalking the Behemoth: "Ulysses," by James Joyce | February 23, 2015
Ulysses By James Joyce, 1922 Reviewed by Chris Schahfer A theory for you: there's not a Joyce fan alive who loves every chapter of Ulysses. You'd have to either be an insane frothing-at-the-mouth James Joyce freak who worships every... | Read entire entry

An Introduction to American Odd | February 20, 2015
What do Zippy the Pinhead, Henry Darger, the Prophet Joseph Smith's mother, and Gilbert Sorrentino have in common? Read my new essay series, American Odd, to find out. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "Rare" by Keith Veronese | February 20, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Jason Pettus reviews Keith Veronese's "Rare," a fascinating nonfiction look at the ultra-rare metals that power all our contemporary electronic devices, and the coming military wars that will undoubtedly be fought in central Asia where most such deposits can be found. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "Einstein's Beach House" by Jacob M. Appel | February 17, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Jason Pettus reviews Jacob M. Appel's "Einstein's Beach House," a well-done if not particularly memorable story collection in the genteel character-heavy tradition of Richard Russo or T.C. Boyle. | Read entire entry

CCLaP's newest book, Matt Fuchs' "Rise of Hypnodrome," is now available! | February 16, 2015
Wow, only mid-February and CCLaP already has its fourth original book of the year to announce! Today sees the general release of Matt Fuchs' smart and dark science-fiction novella "Rise of Hypnodrome," which as always is available in ebook form completely for free at our website. Click through for more, and to download the book right this moment! | Read entire entry

Book Review: "Dark Matter Tiding" by Chance Maree | February 13, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Jason Pettus reviews Chance Maree's "Dark Matter Tiding," a William-Gibson-style multiple-storyline day-after-tomorrow thriller that as a self-published book was a lot better than many of the traditionally published sci-fi novels Pettus has read this year. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "Bark: Stories," by Lorrie Moore | February 12, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Chris Schahfer reviews Lorrie Moore's "Bark," and laments the fact that the day is finally here where he is disappointed by a Lorrie Moore book. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "The Village" by John Strausbaugh | February 9, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Jason Pettus reviews John Strausbaugh's "The Village," an exhaustive and hugely fascinating 600-page history of New York's Greenwich Village, showing how it's actually been a gathering place for bohemians all the way since the early 1800s, not just in its post-World-War-Two heyday of Beat poets and Abstract Expressionists. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "No Other" by Mark Gluth | February 4, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Jason Pettus reviews Mark Gluth's "No Other," an experimental but not experimental enough novel done in the "Tao Lin" style of so-called "alt-lit" writing, a style that unfortunately drove Pettus a little crazy when trying unsuccessfully to actually finish it. | Read entire entry

Book Review: "The Ghoul Archipelago" by Stephen Kozeniewski | February 3, 2015
Today at CCLaP, Jason Pettus reviews "The Ghoul Archipelago" by Stephen Kozeniewski, well-done for sure but not really anything you can't find in the far superior "World War Z," the very definition of the main problem inherent in the diminishing returns of a newly popular genre. | Read entire entry

Announcing the CCLaP 2015 publishing catalog | February 2, 2015
Come one! Come all! It's the announcement of every book CCLaP will be publishing in 2015! Available as a downloadable PDF, or just read along at this web post. | Read entire entry