February 16, 2015

CCLaP's newest book, Matt Fuchs' "Rise of Hypnodrome," is now available!

Rise of Hypnodrome, by Matt Fuchs

Wow, only mid-February and CCLaP already has its fourth original book of the year to announce! In this case it's Baltimore-area writer Matt Fuchs' wonderfully smart and dark science-fiction novella Rise of Hypnodrome, which we've been sending out to early reviewers for several months now but is finally becoming available to the general public starting today. As always, the book's synopsis can do a better job at explaining than I can here off the top of my head, so let me just paste it in below...

It's 2039, and a political faction called the Lifestyle Party has risen to power under the Presidency of Deepak Chopra. The new government bans scientific innovation and introduces a set of policies focused entirely on maximizing personal happiness. So why is Grady Tenderbath so unhappy? Believing that he's fallen short of his professional potential, he buys a personal robot muse to nurture his talent and ego, while his wife Karen, a genetic scientist, becomes more entrenched in her lab. But just when Grady seems on track to solve his career crisis, he discovers a new problem: he's swooning for the empathetic yet artificial Ashley. Not only that, he's distracted by haunting visions of Karen transforming into...something else. Half speculative fiction and half marriage thriller, Rise of Hypnodrome explores how future generations might draw from the realm of epigenetic engineering to eventually control their own biology. Whether human or robot, the characters in this cutting-edge science-fiction novella have one thing in common: an irrepressible desire to evolve.

Rise of Hypnodrome, paperback edition

Ooh, yeah, more please! This is CCLaP's triumphant return to hard SF for the first time in over a year, which just happens to be my personal favorite type of novel that even exists, so I'm particularly excited about this one. As always, the ebook versions of this title are being given away completely for free, merely in the attempt to raise the overall audience for the book; or if like me you prefer your reading experience to be a little more traditional, why you can always pick up the paperback edition for $14.99 plus shipping by using the button below...


The book is also available over at Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback form, for those who would like to purchase it that way; and don't forget that Rise of Hypnodrome also has its own listing at Goodreads.com, so I hope my fellow Goodreaders will have a chance to add this to their to-read list over there, and especially to post a few thoughts about it after they're done reading it. Word of mouth is the number-one way a broke little indie press like us generates new customers, so your mention of this book online can and does have a substantial impact on how many total copies we end up selling. Our monthly publishing schedule is continuing without delay these days, with Steven Garbas' Orest and August coming out in just another 30 days; but for now, I hope you'll have a chance to stop by the Rise of Hypnodrome page right this second and download a copy, and see why I was charmed and moved enough by this full-length literary debut of Fuchs' to sign it with CCLaP in the first place.

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