March 17, 2015

CCLaP's newest book, Steven Garbas' "Orest and August," is now available!

Orest and August, by Steven Garbas

Choo-choo! The CCLaP publishing train just keeps on rolling here in 2015; and I'm happy to say that our newest book, Steven Garbas' Orest and August, is now officially available for purchase and/or download. As always, it's easier for me to just paste in the book's official synopsis than to try to describe it off the top of my head, so here it is below...

Orest Godwin is ruining his long legacy three fingers of rye at a time. His lectures have become bizarre. He's smoking indoors. And he's begun to carry a knife. When Orest nearly burns down the campus destroying memoirs in his attic, the College has no choice but to dismiss him. After 50 years, a prestigious career is ended in a humiliating act of senility. Or so The Provost thinks. Orest decides he is no longer satisfied to be a known historian; he wants to be historic. So he cashes his pension, draws a new will, and vanishes. With the help of a failing Spanish student whom he has promised a fictional scholarship, he embarks on an adventure from northern California to the lawless badlands of Mexico to join a true rebellion. Armed with Wyatt Earp replica pistols and a case of rye, Orest and Augie trespass through a thousand miles of brothels, cantinas, jungles, diners, and motels, threatening those they meet along the way. If Orest can just elude the pimps he's crossed, the ranchers he's sworn vengeance upon, and kidnapping charges, he might just join his peasant uprising. At least while he can still remember where he is going. And if no one gives him a drop of mescal.

If this suspiciously sounds like a contemporary updating of Don Quixote, that's because it is, which is also reflected in the book's cover art; but Steven always likes me to remind people that the book contains a lot more than this, including sly references to the Bible and mythology, all wrapped up in a very modern storyline that is distinctly the product of Garbas's unique fevered imagination. I'm particularly proud of this book, because it's one of the first in CCLaP's catalog to have the same kind of sophisticated, polished, mainstream feel as a bestseller from Random House or another major press; in fact this book could've very easily been put out by Random House for eventual New York Times bestseller status, so I'm grateful that Steven sent it to us instead. (And speaking of which, I've also already signed Garbas's follow-up novel, The Peach King, another pitch-black human-interest comedy set in the same small town where this novel starts; that will be coming out exactly a year from now, in March 2016, but more on that in the months ahead.)

Orest and August, paperback edition

As always, the ebook is being released for completely free download here at our website, merely in the attempt to generate as large an audience for it as possible, in four different formats (PDFs for American and European laserprinters; EPUB for most types of mobile devices; and MOBI specifically for Amazon Kindles); or if you're a Kindle owner and prefer the convenience of having books instantly delivered to your device wirelessly, you can always purchase it at the Kindle Store directly. And of course we're also offering it as a gorgeous 400-page paperback, which is where both Steven and CCLaP make their actual money; so I encourage you to purchase that version either at Amazon or through us directly via the following Paypal button...


Live in Canada, like the author does? We highly encourage you to instead buy the paperback through Amazon Canada, so that you will only have to pay local postage and wait a few days for your order. And of course don't forget that this book has its own listing at; so if you're a fellow user of that "social network for book nerds" like I am, I'd like to please ask you to add this book to your library there, and especially to post a few thoughts about it after you're done reading. Word-of-mouth is the number one way a tiny basement press like ours generates new fans, so your recommendation of this book to your friends can and does have a huge influence on how many copies we end up selling.

The CCLaP train keeps on rolling next month, when we release the first volume of our coming trifecta of short-story collections by Chicago authors (including Matt Rowan's Big Venerable in mid-April, Joseph G. Peterson's Twilight of the Idiots in mid-May, and Ben Tanzer's The New York Stories in mid-June); but for now, I hope you'll have a chance to stop by the Orest and August webpage and download a copy of Steven's hilarious yet moving novel yourself, a book that made me laugh out loud on a regular basis yet literally cry by the end when I first read it, which I always consider a big bonus in one of CCLaP's novels. I'm incredibly happy to have our name associated with this smart, utterly readable book, and I hope you'll have a chance to enjoy it yourself soon.

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