May 18, 2015

Say hello to CCLaP's newest book, Joseph G. Peterson's "Twilight of the Idiots!"

Twilight of the Idiots, by Joseph G. Peterson

It's the middle of the month, which means it's time for another new original book from CCLaP! This month I'm extremely proud to announce the release of the story collection Twilight of the Idiots by local author Joseph G. Peterson, the second of two books we're publishing this year based on short stories that originally ran in our weekly electronic magazine, the CCLaP Weekender. Joe's a well-loved veteran of the Chicago literary community, with a series of popular and award-winning full-length novels under his belt; while this particular story collection is...well, perhaps it'd be best to just paste in the book's dust-jacket synopsis instead:

Know thyself and nothing in excess. Just as the doomed sailors of Homer's Odyssey fail to heed one or the other of these maxims, and end up getting turned to swine or lured to their peril by the singing sirens; so too do the doomed characters in Joseph G. Peterson's new collection of stories fail idiotically in one way or another and end up, like those ancient sailors, facing the prospect of their own mortal twilight. Set mostly in Chicago and by turns gruesome, violent, comic, lurid and perverse, these stories are suffused with a metaphorical light that lends beauty and joy to the experience of reading them.

Yeah, I know, pretty great, huh? But don't take my word for it -- check out some of the early accolades this book has already garnered...

"For me Joe Peterson's voice is a fresh pair of feet on the very dusty road of contemporary American literature." --Dan Fante, best-selling author of 86'd

"[C]haracters so alive and potent, their psyches marinate in your bones for weeks after you finish the book. This short story collection is a unique ode to the glimmer of beauty in the ugliness of the world. ...Peterson storytelling at its finest." --Chicago Literati

"Peterson's one of the most underappreciated authors on the underappreciated Chicago scene; I stumbled across him at a local literary event, and picked up one of his earlier books, and felt like I'd been let in on a secret. And this excellent collection sees him firing on all cylinders, crafting a memorable set of stories populated by pathetic and lovable characters who take us great places without ever going anywhere themselves." --Jerry Brennan, owner of Tortoise Books

As always with CCLaP, the ebook version of Twilight of the Idiots is being offered completely for free here at our website, just in the hopes of increasing the book's overall audience (and resulting number of online reviews, hint-hint); or if you're a Kindle owner and would prefer to have the book delivered directly to your device wirelessly, you can pick it up for $4.99 over at the Kindle Store. Or of course, if like me you prefer your reading experiences to be more traditional, we have a snazzy paperback version available for $14.99 as well, which you can order directly from us using the following Paypal button...


And of course don't forget this book's listing at; word-of-mouth is easily the number-one way we generate new customers for our books, so your mention of Joe's collection there can and does make a concrete difference in how many copies it ends up selling.

Live in Chicago? Then I hope you'll also have a chance to come out to the book's release party, happening tomorrow, May 18th, over at City Lit Books in the Logan Square neighborhood (2523 N. Kedzie), from 6:30 to 8 pm. I have to say, I'm incredibly proud to have Joe on CCLaP's catalog now, especially with this being the specific book that has pushed us to add such new things in our routine as paper review copies we're now sending out to such bigger publications as the New York Times and Publishers Weekly. This is a darkly funny and moving collection of pieces about various lumpen proletariats in the Chicago area, and I strongly encourage you to download or order a copy as soon as you have a chance.

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