June 17, 2015

Rejoice! Ben Tanzer's collected "The New York Stories" is finally here!

The New York Stories, by Ben Tanzer

I'm happy to say that CCLaP's newest book for 2015 is finally out today; and it just so happens to be a book a lot of us have been waiting for a whopping nine years now. That's right, it's the triumphant release of Ben Tanzer's The New York Stories: Three Volumes in One Edition! Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out the book's dust jacket synopsis for more...

In 2006, celebrated author Ben Tanzer began working on a series of short stories all set in the fictional upstate New York town of Two Rivers, most of them published in various literary journals over the years and eventually collected into the three small volumes Repetition Patterns (2008), So Different Now (2011), and After the Flood (2014). Now for the first time, all 33 of these stories have been put together into one paperback edition, highlighting the long-term planning of themes and motifs that Tanzer has been building into these pieces the entire time. Featuring dark character studies of childhood, middle age, and (lack of) grace under pressure, these stories are considered by many to be among the best work of Tanzer's career, and voracious fans of his short work will surely be pleased and satisfied to have these small masterpieces collected together into one easy-to-read volume. So take a stool at Thirsty's, order another Yuengling, and be prepared to be transported into the black heart of the American small-town soul, as one of our nation's best contemporary authors takes us on a journey across space and time that will not be soon forgotten.

Whoa nelly! I'm proud to say that this particular book holds a special personal importance for me -- Repetition Patterns was the very first book CCLaP published, in fact, so I'm grateful and relieved to finally see this process come full circle here seven years later, and all these small books finally gathered up into one bookstore-friendly trade paperback for the first time ever. As always, you can go by the book's online headquarters to download a free ebook version, or purchase it at Amazon if you want it directly delivered to your Kindle; or for those who prefer a more traditional reading experience, you can order the paperback edition for $14.99 by using the button below...


And of course don't forget that The New York Stories has its own listing over at Goodreads.com, so I hope my fellow GRers will have a chance to add it to their library over there, and especially to post a few thoughts about it after you're done reading the book. Word of mouth is the number-one way a small press like ours gains new fans, so your mention of our titles online can and does have a legitimately huge impact on the total number of copies we sell.

That's it for awhile with CCLaP and new books -- our next new title, the "city all-star" student anthology The View From Here, won't be out until September 15th, although at that point we'll be back to once-a-month releases from then until Christmas -- but don't forget that our authors will be out and about all summer long, doing plenty of live events, the next of which will be the release party for The New York Stories, taking place this coming Friday evening at City Lit Books in the Logan Square neighborhood, 2523 N. Kedzie. (And speaking of upcoming Tanzer appearances, he'll also be reading from this book over at Quimby's Bookstore in Wicker Park [1854 W. North Ave], on Tuesday, July 7th. It's a Tanzer Summer and we're all invited!) For now, though, I hope you'll have a chance to stop by the book's online headquarters right this moment, and see why this has already become one of Chicago's most talked-about books of 2015. I'm extremely proud of and happy about this book, and I hope you'll grow to become a fan as well.

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