September 14, 2015

CCLaP's newest book is out today!

The View From Here: A City All-Star Student Anthology

Well, long time no see, everyone! I'm happy to say that I'm finally finished with the "computer programming bootcamp" that I've been doing all this year, which is both what's been keeping me away from the blog for the most part in 2015 and what's been keeping our publishing schedule pretty quiet for the last four months; and as a great kickoff to this very busy coming autumn and winter around here, I'm happy to announce that our second annual "city all-star" student anthology is now finished and ready for your downloading pleasure as of today! Entitled The View From Here, this year's anthology is all about Chicago neighborhoods, with almost two dozen contributors this year from a dozen different schools and other educational institutions, looking at the highs and lows from far-flung locations all over the city. I'm also pleased to say that this year's anthology has an especially heavy concentration on creative nonfiction work, something I've been wanting to publish more of around here in general, thanks to the hard work of this year's lead editor, Columbia College student and busy author herself JH Palmer. (And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the great Meg Gustafson for the especially Chicago-invoking front cover of this year's anthology.)

As always, you can stop by the book's online headquarters to download a completely free ebook copy if you want, in its usual four formats (PDFs for American and European laserprinters, an EPUB for most mobile devices, and a MOBI specifically for Amazon Kindles); or for a more traditional reading experience, I encourage you to order a copy of the 214-page paperback edition by using the button below...


And of course don't forget that this book has its own listing over at; so if you're a fellow member of that literary social network, I'd like to strongly urge you to add the book to your "to-read" list over there, and especially to post a few comments about the book after you're done reading it. Word-of-mouth is easily the number-one way a tiny press like ours builds new customers for our books, so your mention online of The View From Here can and does have a huge influence on just how many copies get into readers' hands.

Live in Chicago? We're throwing the official release party for this book next week -- specifically, next Friday, September 25th, at 6:30 pm over at the always great City Lit Books in Logan Square (2523 N. Kedzie). As always, we'll have free beer and wine, and most of the contributors will be on-hand to sign your copy of the book, so I hope you'll have a chance to come out. (Do make sure to check out the Facebook event invite for more details, and to RSVP.) We also have more specific events happening all over the city this autumn and winter, including readings at StoryStudio, Columbia College, the University of Chicago, the Chicago Book Expo and more, so I hope you'll please keep your eye out for more on all these events, especially if you're a fellow student at one of these schools in question.

We've got a ton of other new stuff heading your way from now until the holidays, including the release of Dan Falatko's Condominium in October, Leland Cheuk's The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong in November, and Gint Aras's massive 700-page Chicago saga The Fugue in December, plus new issues of our weekly magazine, The CCLaP Weekender, every single week from now until Thanksgiving; but for now, I hope you'll have a chance to go check out The View From Here right this second, and see for yourself why we're all so excited around here to finally have this out and in the public's hands. Looking forward to sharing a lot more with you as this autumn progresses!

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