October 14, 2015

Book Review: "Clown Tear Junkies" by Douglas Hackle

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Clown Tear Junkies, by Douglas Hackle

Clown Tear Junkies
By Douglas Hackle
Rooster Republic Press
Reviewed by Jason Pettus

It's a well-known fact that I find it difficult to review story collections -- my write-ups tend to be analytical and address the entire manuscript at once, hard to do when you have a dozen or two different pieces of wildly different quality and style -- and this is especially the case with bizarro fiction, which is so purposely designed to be a cartoon come to life that I find it hard to even assign qualitative scores to such stories, instead generally assuming that you either like bizarro or you don't, and that if you do, you're going to tend to like most of it that's ever been written. I will say about Douglas Hackle's Clown Tear Junkies, however, that it at least goes in crazy directions you wouldn't normally expect such stories to go, even if you're already a bizarro fan and are used to the random left turns that come with this genre; and that's always a great thing to see, in that so many bizarro authors rely on their stories simply being "weird" to make up the entirety of their compelling nature, and it's always nice to see a bizarro author work harder than this and to try to bring something legitimately unique to the genre. You know already whether you're going to like a book like this; if you do, definitely pick this up, and if you don't, stay way far away for your own good.

Out of 10: 8.0, or 9.0 for bizarro fans

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