October 15, 2015

Book Review: "Logos" by John Neeleman

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Logos, by John Neeleman

By John Neeleman
Homebound Publications
Reviewed by Jason Pettus

So I have to confess, I'm actually not that much of a fan of historical fiction, which makes it problematic when I'm occasionally called on to review such a book at CCLaP, because I find it difficult to determine the difference between a great one and a mediocre one. Take the recent Logos by John Neeleman for a good example; a fictional account of the start of Christianity, which for those who don't know didn't really become a codified religion until decades after the death of the actual "historical Jesus" (that is, the actual guy who really was a radical Jewish prophet during the height of the Roman Empire, whether or not you believe he was the literal son of God), this is a nicely complicated look at the various "strains" of Judaism that existed in those years, including the poor, philosophical, apocalyptic ones who originally founded Christianity as a "death cult" akin to the contemporary Heaven's Gate, the whole thing written in the style of a modern action tale. But is it actually a good read? That's hard for me to tell, because I nod out of such stories pretty quickly regardless of their quality; so I suppose I will give a middle-of-the-road score today, leaning on the good side since there wasn't anything here that was actively terrible, although with the warning that if you don't naturally find modern three-act novels set in ancient times to be inherently interesting already, this book certainly isn't going to change that.

Out of 10: 8.0

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