October 12, 2015

Say hello to CCLaP's newest book, Daniel Falatko's "Condominium!"

Condominium, by Daniel Falatko

The CCLaP publishing train is on full steam right now, a book a month right now until all the way into next summer; and I'm happy to announce that our October book is out today, a witty and sophisticated urban comedy called Condominium by Brooklyn author Daniel Falatko. I like to call Dan the "Millennial John Updike," for good reason; much like how Updike's early work obsessed over young "with-it" couples who were now living in suburbia, Falatko has penned the 21st-century version of such a story, about a former East Village couple who move into one of those new glass-and-steel condo skyscrapers that are starting to line the waterfront of Brooklyn's trendy Williamsburg neighborhood, and how their lives start to fall apart almost the moment after they sign the lease. Laugh-out-loud funny, with all kinds of strange and unique turns, Condominium is the very definition of the kinds of small-but-big human-interest stories that you can only get from indie presses these days, and that never in a million years would a big corporate entity like a Simon & Schuster or Random House take on anymore.

'Condominium' paperback edition

As always, the ebook version of Condominium is completely free to download here at the website if you want; or if you're a Kindle owner and prefer the convenience of downloading directly from the Kindle Store, you can purchase it there for $9.99 as well. But of course, for the best reading experience of all, I encourage you to pick up the paperback for $14.99, which you can do either at Amazon or by using the button directly below:


And as always, don't forget that the book has its own listing over at Goodreads.com; if you're a fellow member like Dan and I are of this "social network for book nerds," I strongly encourage you to add the book to your "to-be-read" list over there, and especially to post a few thoughts about it after you're done. Word-of-mouth is the number-one way a tiny press like ours makes new fans (we have an advertising budget of literally zero dollars), so your mention of this book to others can and does have a profound impact on how many copies we end up selling.

By the way, do you live in New York yourself? Three of our Brooklyn-based authors are planning on doing a series of live events there this fall and winter -- not just Falatko but Steven Garbas of Orest and August fame, and Leland Cheuk whose "Jonathan Franzen for Asian-Americans" comedy The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong comes out exactly a month from now. Their first reading was recently announced, for example, set for November 20th at the famous Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn, and other readings will be coming all over the NYC area in the months after that. (And keep in mind that at several of these events, they'll be joined by our old friend John Reed, author of several nationally popular novels and a regular contributor to Vice magazine.) But you don't have to be a New Yorker to enjoy this funny, dark book -- it speaks to anyone who has ever gone through the struggle of transitioning from their arty college days into the daily rigors of grown-up life -- and I encourage you to take a moment right now and either download or order a copy of the book. I hope you'll be as pleased by it as I was when it first came into our offices over a year ago.

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