October 23, 2015

Two more CCLaP books have reached their "pre-release" debuts!

Wow, what a busy year this has ended up being for CCLaP! A jump in our catalog from six new paperbacks last year to a whopping eleven this year, all while I was attending a labor-intensive "computer coding bootcamp" the first six months of 2015, I'm immensely proud of all the books we've gotten out the door, and look forward to the even greater challenge of a scheduled 16 paperbacks for 2016, as well as our first-ever presence expansion into neighboring cities St. Louis, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. (Live in one of these cities and want to be a "CCLaP ambassador," helping us track down interesting performance venues that only locals know about? Drop me a line at cclapcenter@gmail.com and let me know!) We've recently gotten two more CCLaP books to their "pre-release" stage, which means that review copies are now available for bloggers and other members of the press, and that you can go ahead and order a copy at their main web headquarters, so I wanted to take a moment here on a Friday afternoon and get them both mentioned to you all.

The Fugue, by Gint Aras

First up is our December release, the long-awaited and much-anticipated The Fugue by local author Gint Aras, CCLaP's first attempt at publishing a truly epic saga. A 500-page historical thriller that covers 50 years and three generations of Baltic-Americans in the Cicero neighborhood of Chicago, this is one of those fabled manuscripts that has been making the rounds of publishers for something like fifteen years already, where several editors have fallen in love with it but everyone has been too intimidated by the marketing challenges involved. CCLaP is thrilled to be giving this haunting, complex and poetic novel a home under such circumstances, and we're confident that this is going to grow to become the sleeper hit we've always assumed it was. We give out free ebook copies of all our ARCs to those who post reviews often at Goodreads and Amazon, so don't hesitate to drop a line if you'd like one.

Death Leaders, by Kendra Hadnott

And then January of 2016 sees us publishing yet another local author, with the release of Kendra Hadnott's sci-fi thriller Death Leaders. A short and action-packed genre novel, it explores the concept of a shadowy bureaucratic organization in charge of maintaining a good balance of deaths in the human population, specifically looking at the local group for Chicago and a deadly conspiracy that gathers within their midst. Kendra actually came to us through the "city all-star" student anthology we published last year, Chicago After Dark, so it's only natural that we would love this novel of hers as well when she initially sent it our way. That comes out January 11th, and like before you can go ahead and reserve your copy now if you want, to be part of the first group of mailings that go out once the book is ready.

Condominium, by Daniel Falatko

The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong, by Leland Cheuk

Oh, and don't forget the two books coming out before those -- Dan Falatko's urban relationship dramedy Condominium, which just came out two weeks ago, and Sulliver Pong's "Jonathan Franzen for Asian-Americans" dysfunctional-family comedy The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong, coming out with great fanfare on November 16th. Both of these authors are Brooklyn-based (the New York invasion of Chicago presses continues apace!), and will be going out to a series of group events in the area all this autumn and winter, along with fellow CCLaP Brooklynite Steven Garbas of Orest and August fame, and occasionally joined by our old pal and CCLaP friend John Reed. The next of those will be at Pete's Candy Store on November 20th; click here for the Facebook invite with all the details.

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