November 2, 2015

Announcing "The New York Stories: SELL ALL THE BOOKS!"

The New York Stories: SELL ALL THE BOOKS!

Hey, so here's a fun little detail about the publishing industry you may not have been aware of -- did you know that, because of a tradition that dates all the way back to the Victorian Age, bookstores are allowed to return unsold copies of books to their publisher for a full refund, anytime they want and for any reason? That's exactly what's happened to CCLaP recently, after Ben Tanzer's summer tour for his story collection The New York Stories; although the tour itself was a big success, all these stores purposely ordered twice as many copies than they needed (just to make sure they didn't sell out during his live events), then shipped all the unsold copies back to us at the same time, which means that we now have nearly 100 copies of the book sitting here in our warehouse at CCLaP HQ (i.e. a bookshelf in my apartment bedroom). Benefits of digital print-on-demand? What benefits of digital print-on-demand?

I really hate the idea of all these books sitting here gathering dust, when they could instead be in the hands of readers and being actively enjoyed; so with apologies to our buddy Bill Hillman who first coined the phrase, we've decided to hold a "SELL ALL THE BOOKS!" fundraising drive from now until Christmas, in which we are selling copies of The New York Stories for a whopping 33 percent off, down to $9.99 from their usual $14.99. Simply go by the book's web page and use the usual buy button there to automatically receive the discount; or even easier, just use the button below to do the same...


Live in Chicago? Ben will also be doing a number of live appearance from now until Christmas in support of this fundraiser, including signing hours at the Pop Up Book Fair at The Empty Bottle and the Chicago Book Expo on the Columbia College campus, as well as an Expo promotional event that CCLaP is holding at City Lit Books in Logan Square two evenings previous, on November 19th (but more on this tomorrow).

PLUS! It's the triumphant return of the CCLaP Sessions at Studio 505 (i.e. my apartment in the Uptown neighborhood), intimate evenings with local authors featuring free food and drinks, which we were doing regularly last year but I had to put on hiatus in 2015 because of this "computer coding bootcamp" that I recently went through. We'll be holding a special "SELL ALL THE BOOKS!" session with Ben and special guests on Friday, December 4th at 7 pm; unlike previous Sessions, we'll be charging $15 for this one, but that gets you a free copy of The New York Stories plus free food and drinks all night. I live in a tiny apartment, so attendance is being held to a strict 15 people; you can click here to reserve a spot right now if you'd like. I look forward to seeing you locals at one or more of these events this fall and winter; and for those of you in other cities, I hope you'll have a chance to take advantage online of this special sale!

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