November 10, 2015

Book Reviews: Three Titles by Aglu

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Three books by Aglu

Paradise Trees
By Flaviana Frascogna

Light Before Dark
By Adam Geary

Night Spiders
By John Oliver Hodges

Reviewed by Jason Pettus

I was worried at first when I learned that the British photography publisher Aglu was planning on mailing their three latest books to CCLaP all the way from the UK, at what I imagined was going to be a huge expense for very little payoff; but then they got here and I realized that Aglu's books are actually these darling little four-by-five-inch volumes that are rarely over a hundred pages long, an inventive and rewarding format for visual work that I would've never in my life thought of publishing that way myself, and that now has me thinking hard about doing some photography books ourselves the same way. The three volumes I in particular received highlight the work of Adam Geary, Flaviana Frascogna, and John Oliver Hodges (DISCLOSURE: Hodges has been featured in our own weekly magazine in the past); consisting almost entirely of full-color images and barely any text, this is a beautiful little dream for international fans of visual art, and I have to admit that I can't stop picking them up and flipping through their tiny little goodness. All three come with a strong general recommendation, and I now look forward to seeing what else Aglu has for us in the future.

Out of 10: 9.5

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