December 28, 2015

The Year in Books 2015

The Year in Books 2015

It's been another busy year here at the CCLaP blog, with reviewers Karl Wolff, Chris Schahfer and Jason Pettus turning in a total of 89 write-ups; and now here is our annual look at our favorite 40 of those, broken down into a series of reports coming to the blog over the next five days, between now and New Year's. The complete list is below; if a particular title is highlighted, it means it's now online and ready to be read...

Monday: Best of the Best
Tuesday: Karl Wolff's Favorites
Wednesday: Chris Schahfer's Favorites
Thursday: Jason Pettus' Favorites
Friday: The CCLaP Guilty Pleasure Awards

This five-part series is also available as a free standalone ebook, for those who would prefer reading these long write-ups that way. Right-click on the appropriate format below to download it:

PDF | EPUB | MOBI/Kindle

Want to help CCLaP out a little as we enter 2016? Buy this book at Amazon instead, as either a paperback for $5.99 or an ebook for 99 cents.

Our thanks to all of you for continuing to come back here to the blog each day, year in and out, to see the latest of what we've had to say about the books we've been reading. We look forward to bringing you another active year of critical essays in 2016.

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