January 18, 2016

Meet CCLaP's newest book reviewer, Nora Rawn!

Well, a brand-new year here at CCLaP, and we have a brand-new staffer to introduce you to -- I'm happy to say that New Yorker Nora Rawn has just joined us as our fourth and latest book reviewer here at the blog. Originally from Baltimore, Nora got an English Lit degree from NYU, and has held such iconic jobs there as a clerk at the Strand Bookstore, and editorial assistant at Random House Audio and as a foreign scout at a literary scouting agency. She's now at the academic publisher Springer, and also contributes reviews to the website of the great KGB reading series there in Manhattan. Like all our other reviewers, Nora will be posting a review of a contemporary book once a week this year, plus once a month will be filing another chapter in a specialized essay series that we'll publish as a book in 2017; she joins Karl Wolff, Chris Schahfer and myself in doing so, so I hope you'll have a chance to enjoy her smart and funny write-ups.

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