March 16, 2016

Book Review: "what if i got down on my knees?" by Tony Rauch

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what if i got down on my knees?, by Tony Rauch

what if i got down on my knees?
By Tony Rauch
Reviewed by Jason Pettus

When CCLaP goes back to accepting outside submissions again in 2017, I think one of the new rules we'll be making is to no longer accept story collections, the reason for which is illustrated perfectly by Tony Rauch's what if i got down on my knees?; for while the pieces I read were, you know, whatever, just fine, they also rarely lasted more than a few pages apiece, and as a guy who primarily does long-form analytical looks at full-length novels, I find it nearly impossible to do reviews of such "blink and they're gone" work that doesn't somehow sound like a patronizing aunt who never wanted to read the book in the first place ("It was fine, dear, just perfectly lovely"). Short-story authors deserve a better review than this for their collections, and it's becoming clear that CCLaP is not the place to get such better reviews, so I'll just leave it for today at a general recommendation for those who are specifically seeking out little throwaway pieces that can each be read during a typical bathroom visit, while admitting that this is easily skippable for those without such an interest.

Out of 10: 7.5

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