April 13, 2016

Book Review: "Loss Angeles" by Mathieu Cailler

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Loss Angeles, by Mathieu Cailler

Loss Angeles
By Mathieu Cailler
Short Story America Press
Reviewed by Jason Pettus

I've been mentioning throughout this spring how CCLaP's submission policies are set to change later this year, once we start accepting new books for review again, and Mathieu Cailler's story collection Loss Angeles is a perfect example of why; for while this is a perfectly fine book of short stories, if not on the overly earnest and expected side (most of these pieces could stand to be either more surprising, darker in tone, or ideally both), the fact is that I have barely anything to say about it analytically or critically, because I'm mostly a reviewer of novels and find it difficult to come up with something overarching and conclusive to say about such little pieces that come and go without making much of an impression. That's unfair to both short-story authors like Cailler and to fans of short stories in general, which is why this will be one of the last story collections CCLaP will ever review; because I never seem to have anything better to say about such collections than, "Sure, okay, it's fine, whatever," which is a waste of both my time and yours. As always, this comes generally recommended to short-story fans, but don't blame me if you read it yourself and sort of shrug your shoulders at the end.

Out of 10: 8.0

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