99 Problems: Essays about Running and Writing, by Ben Tanzer

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Why is it that so many full-time writers seem to be full-time runners as well, and what is it about each activity that seems to fuel the other? In 99 Problems, Chicago author Ben Tanzer tackles this very question, penning a series of essays completed after a string of actual runs across the United States during the winter of 2009, cleverly combining the details of the run itself with what new insights he gained that day regarding whatever literary story he was working on at the time; and along the way, Tanzer also offers up astute observations on fatherhood, middle-age, and the complications of juggling traditional and artistic careers, all of it told through the funny and smart filter of pop-culture that has made this two-time novelist and national performance veteran so well-loved. A unique and fascinating new look at the curious relationship between physical activity and creative intellectualism, 99 Problems will have you looking at the arts in an entirely new way, and maybe even picking up a pair of running shoes yourself.

"Filled with humor, pop-culture references, and personal insights, Tanzer entertains and enlightens with each essay. Since finishing the book I have again started pounding the pavement every other morning. Thanks, Ben." --LargeheartedBoy.com

"I was left craving his next insight." --Barry Graham, Third Face

"Tanzer seems incapable of writing a boring paragraph." --Barrelhouse.com

"[T]he book will leave you feeling positive about Ben's life and perhaps even your own. At least, that's how it left me." --Author Alex Kudera

"A gem of a book." --BabyGotBooks.com

"There is something diary-like to much of this, yet there is something more here, too; a writer at work, crafting raw experience into product, with discipline and hunger." --deComp magazine

"A couple of weeks ago, I vowed to take [running] back up…'99 Problems' was a good pat on the back to get me started." --Author BL Pawelek

"Delivers a sophisticated juxtaposition in reverse, a fascinating and exhilarating literary marathon." --Author Mickey Hess

"If I want to think of sharply written stories that capture a humorous reality of the day-to-day I think of Ben Tanzer. Or if I just want to think about one of my favorite underappreciated writers, I think of Ben Tanzer." --Josh Spilker, Impose magazine

"Maybe the best thing he's written yet." --Author Pete Anderson

"Throughout the book, Tanzer makes ordinary moments--the minutiae of life--extraordinary. There is a lyrical rhythm in his prose, much like a perfect run, when your breathing comes in straight away, the cadence is in your soul, and everything just flows." --DesertBookChick.com

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Supplemental and promotional material:

An interview with Tanzer regarding the process of writing this book

A video interview with Tanzer about the book, conducted by his eight-year-old son

A critical essay by the publisher, on why he signed the book in the first place

A link to this book's page at Goodreads.com, where you can leave comments and read other people's reviews

Tanzer's personal website

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