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Lauryn Allison
Lauryn Allison (senior editor) writes fiction, essays, interviews, and reviews of all sorts. She is an editor at Curbside Splendor Publishing and at Barrelhouse magazine. Her debut novel, The Beauties, is forthcoming from Silverthought Press in 2013.

Sarah Bradford
Sarah Bradford (senior editor) has been a lover of literature since her Bookmobile days. She currently resides in Ohio with dreams of making Chicago her home and editing for all her livelong days. She enjoys crafting, creating, exploring, and roller coasters. Sarah began working with CCLaP by assistant editing Lauryn Allison Lewis' novella, solo/down, and is excited to continue her work with the CCLaP team.

Ryan Bradley
Ryan W. Bradley (art director) has pumped gas, changed oil, painted houses, swept the floor of a mechanic's shop, worked on a construction crew in the Arctic Circle, fronted a punk band, and managed an independent children's bookstore. He now designs book covers. He is the author of four poetry chapbooks, two full-length poetry collections, including The Waiting Tide, and a collaborative collection with David Tomaloff. He is also the author of a story collection, and Code For Failure, his debut novel. A novella, Winterswim is forthcoming in late 2014. He received his MFA from Pacific University and lives in Oregon with his wife and two sons.

CCLaP photography director Rex Brink
Rex Brink (photographer feature editor) is the woman you're walking with who'll leave you behind to duck into an alley and capture graffiti; she's the chick with a camera walking backward at the front of protest marches. She obtained her BA in history at the University of Illinois at Chicago and quickly proceeded to underutilize her degree, opting for the documentation of history through image and word over the study of it, strictly speaking.

Jesse Darnay
Jesse Darnay (assistant director, education) has been a working novelist for many years, having recently completed his M.A. in English Literature at DePaul University as well as his first novel, currently being considered for publication. Prior to Chicago, Jesse lived in Los Angeles where he was engaged in comparative literature and fiction coursework at UCLA Extension. Darnay has traveled much of the world in his quest for new experiences and inspiration and he is now settled here in Chicago, his hometown, where he is currently interviewing for full time positions as a Creative Writer Instructor.

Travis Fortney
Travis Fortney (staff writer and critic) is a working creative writer in Chicago, who got his MFA in Fiction from the University of Montana, and who has had two plays now produced in Ohio. His favorite contemporary authors include David Foster Wallace, Kingsley Amis, Doris Lessing, Richard Ford and Cormac McCarthy.

CCLaP book reviewer Madeleine Maccar
Madeleine Maccar (staff writer and critic) graduated from Rider University with a B.A. in creative writing. She once was an award-winning journalist but now proofreads financial documents for a living, and contributes book reviews to TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog while casually maintaining her own blog, Books, With Occasional Food on the side. Her first novel is mostly half-formed ideas scrawled on crumpled Post-its. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and a panoply of plush corgis in the house that bootleg gin built.

Robert O'Connor
Robert O'Connor (senior editor) is a co-editor at 3:AM magazine, where his pieces have appeared. His work has also appeared in Spike magazine, The New Indian Express, Shanghaiist, KFAI and the Twin Cities Daily Planet. He's writing his first novel longhand.

Jason Pettus
Jason Pettus (owner and executive director) has a long history in the DIY arts, going back to his years as a teenage zinester in the early-'80s St. Louis punk scene. A photography major at the University of Missouri-Columbia, he spent most of the '90s pursuing a career in creative writing in Chicago; among his accomplishments, he was the winner of a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, placed second at the 1997 National Poetry Slam, and was featured in such diverse venues as National Public Radio, the Canadian Broadcasting Channel, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, and Artbyte magazine. He retired from creative writing in the early 2000s in order to open and run CCLaP.

Allegra Pusateri
Allegra Pusateri (senior editor) is a creative writer from Oklahoma living in Chicago. She has written for a local Oklahoma TV station, tutored writing and English at DePaul's Writing Center, and is currently a blogger for Her creative work has not yet been published but she is in the process of it getting there (it's taking longer than anticipated since you actually have to finish a novel to publish it) and spends most of her would-be writing time playing with her neighbor's cat.

Jacob Singer
Jacob Singer (assistant director, education) teaches English at Elmhurst College and has been published at Handshake Media, Back to Print, and Anobium.

Karl Wolff
Karl Wolff (staff writer and critic, assistant editor) was born in Milwaukee and went to college at Madison for an undergraduate degree in History. He has worked as a production hand at a local Milwaukee TV station, as a teaching assistant for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Department of History, and as a museum curator for a local historical society in Rochester, Minnesota. He currently run two blogs: The Driftless Area Review (book reviews and critical commentary) and Coffee is for Closers (about the collision of pop culture and politics).