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Hey, Chicagoans! Drop us a note and get 25 percent off our coming summer writing camp! | July 9, 2012
Yippee! Only one month until the start of CCLaP's first-ever summer writing camp! And as a little incentive to get more locals to sign up, we're running a sale of sorts -- simply drop us a note and explain why you want to take a class, and get 25 percent off the tuition! Click through for the details! | Read entire entry

Chicagoans! Wanna make a hundred bucks the easy way? | June 15, 2012
You remember CCLaP's coming teen summer writing camp this August, don't you? Well, we're sitting on a stack of several thousand postcards for it that we need to get quickly distributed throughout Chicago; so I've decided to just pay people a dollar per drop-off, with about a hundred or so places still left on our list. Wanna hustle for a couple of days and pocket the whole amount? Or maybe hit just your neighborhood for beer money? Click through for the details or just drop me a line! | Read entire entry

Holy interrobang! CCLaP's holding a summer writing camp! | May 22, 2012
Well, whaddya know? CCLaP is doing its very first summer writing camp! It's every Tuesday through Friday this August, consists of eight interrelated courses on the storytelling process, was developed and is being taught by local academes, can be taken individually by existing writers to brush up on specific skills, but was designed primarily as a full program for teens looking to add an impressive asset to college applications. Click through for all the details! | Read entire entry