The Great iPod Indie Rock Challenge of 2008

CCLaP is proud to present its second "white paper," minor publications that simply collect and reprint longer material that first appeared at the website; in this case it's a collection of four essays that originally chronicled the "Great iPod Indie Rock Challenge of 2008," in which I dared my lazy middle-aged self to get all the sad '80s and '90s rock off my little 1-gig iPod Shuffle as quickly as possible, and replaced with all brand-new music by brand-new bands. Like all CCLaP white papers, it is being released for free to the general public, as a series of PDFs for both American laserprinters (8.5 x 11) and European (A4), as well as an EPUB version for most electronic devices, links to which can be found below; simply right-click on the appropriate option and choose "Save as..." to download a copy. A link has also been included for donating a little money to the center, if you happened to particularly enjoy this compilation.

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Creative Commons License
This book has been released under a Creative Commons license (click the above icon to actually read the license, in all its overwritten legalese glory); this gives you permission to make unlimited copies for yourself, convert it into other formats, translate it into other languages, and use it as a basis for nonprofit multimedia projects (audio, film, animation, stage performance, calligraphy, etc), in return for you not changing the contents or removing the credits.

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