Condominium, by Daniel Falatko

Charles and Sarah are a typical New York creative class couple -- he's in finance, she works at a hipster small press, yet both are indie-rock East Village veterans who aren't above snorting a little heroin on the weekends. But when they decide to take the logical next step and buy a condo in one of the glass-and-steel skyscrapers now dotting the waterfront of Williamsburg, their lives start to fall apart almost the moment after they sign their mortgage; and this is to say nothing of their creepy neighbors, their possibly haunted apartment, job crises in both their industries, and former friends still in Manhattan who are determined to pull them back into the debauchery. A touching ode to the a--holes ruining Brooklyn, this literary debut of "the Millennial John Updike" is a funny yet wistful dramedy about young urban life during the Great Recession, and you do not need to be a New Yorker yourself to enjoy his smart insights about city living and growing older...although that certainly doesn't hurt.

"The novel is intentionally interested in smaller issues rather than larger ones, and does so with an effective touch where scope is not a positive or negative quality...If we stay in their perspective, it's a great read." --Alternating Current's The Spark

"There is strong voice and a lot of energy packed into these pages, and right away the characters come out swinging....I know people who make very big and very small money, people who have incredible views, and people who do drugs on the weekend. They are usually three separate people though, and it was a trip to read them all rolled up into one." --Chicago Literati

"I liked Condominium for a very simple reason: it exposes the fallacy of having over being. It's how [the novel] finds success in the shadow of [JG Ballard's classic] High-Rise: it's nowhere near as apocalyptic, but it threatens to be on every page." --Dead End Follies

"[Falatko is] not actually writing a horror novel, despite the trappings in the early going. Instead, he's interested in the terror of adulthood, of gentrification, and of the very real impact these things have on our mortal souls....leading up to one hell of a redemptive party to close things out. This isn't anywhere near as bleak as [JG Ballard's] High-Rise or the work of [Jay McInerney] -- but, then, neither is Williamsburg in 2008, you know?" --Raging Biblioholism

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