Double nominee, 2012 Lambda Awards
Best Gay Fiction by a Debut Writer
Best Bisexual Fiction of the Year

Have You Seen Me, by Katherine Scott Nelson

"Refreshingly earnest and artfully wrought, Nelson's debut is a quick, compelling read that warrants a wide audience." -- Kirkus Reviews

Chris and Vyv have always been close -- as the only two 'weird' kids in their small Midwestern town, they've often depended on each other to survive. But their friendship will be put to the test when Vyv runs away and continues to communicate with Chris in secret. All summer, as the search for Vyv mounts, Chris tries to avoid the pressure by working for Albert, an off-the-grid survivalist writer building an anarchist compound from an abandoned house and barn. But as Albert's plans for the future grow more apocalyptic, and Vyv's emails gradually become more terrifying, Chris will face the complete upheaval of everything he's ever known. The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography is proud to present Have You Seen Me, the debut novella of local author Katherine Scott Nelson.

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Have You Seen Me: The Hypermodern Paper Edition

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Katherine Scott Nelson: Have You Seen Me Tour 2012

In May 2012, Katherine Scott Nelson underwent a two-week virtual author tour to support Have You Seen Me. Click below to view the archived versions of hir tour stops:

Monday, May 21st: Rebecca Kling | Tuesday, May 22nd: Sassafras Lowrey | Wednesday, May 23rd: Jason Fisk | Thursday, May 24th: Ben Tanzer | Friday, May 25th: What To Wear During An Orange Alert | Monday, May 28th: Another Chicago Magazine | Tuesday, May 29th: Curbside Splendor | Wednesday, May 30th: The Next Best Book Blog

Supplemental and promotional material:

An interview with the author, explaining more about how this book came out

An MP3 audio sample from the book, performed by Christopher Sullivan

A critical essay by the publisher on why he signed the book

A "passing the torch" critical essay by Jason Fisk, CCLaP's last published author, on what he likes about this newest book

Katherine Scott Nelson's personal website

Creative Commons License
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