Historia, Historia, by Eleanor Stanford

"Eleanor Stanford captures experience with the precision of a poet and the broad vision of a novelist, translating the unwritten language of the the inner world into a handful of words as shimmering and polished as sea-glass. Her ability to give voice to the estrangement of being alive and wildly observant in an unfamiliar culture brings vivid light to both the outer world she describes, and the interior terrain that is her own. In this book, Stanford goes far beyond a description of an eating disorder--this book explores the meaning of body, of place, of home, of language itself. An essential read." --Marya Hornbacher, Pulitzer nominated author of Wasted

Twenty-two and newly married, Eleanor Stanford and her husband join the Peace Corps and find themselves on the West African islands of Cape Verde. In this beautifully alien place, as she teaches her students and struggles to come to terms with the island's fascinating yet frustrating culture, Eleanor watches everything she knows about relationships get flipped upside-down and attempts to hide the eating disorder she's developed, which threatens both her marriage and her life. Part travelogue, part cultural documentary, Historia, Historia combines journalistic excellence with the gripping style of personal memoirs to bring you this lyrical, moving portrait of an enchanting, little-glimpsed geography. Fans of factually informative and emotionally moving nonfiction will be drawn towards this haunting meditation on love, fidelity and self-image.

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