Salt Creek Anthology, by Jason Fisk

A couple meet in a mental institution, have six kids, and devolve into violent alcoholism. An elderly Polish woman with Alzheimer's goes insane in front of our eyes. A frazzled empty-nester has her bruiser son move back in, along with a scheming girlfriend planning a surprise pregnancy to get them both back out. And an abusive, overweight, racist monster of a man psychologically lords over them all, a total of twenty-odd characters all living on the same cul-de-sac in the far rural suburbs of Chicago. Welcome to the dark, poetic world of author Jason Fisk, a "micro-story" collection that breaks these families' adventures down into a series of 75 linguistic nuggets; these are then experimentally hooked together in a non-linear fashion through literal hyperlinks within each story, letting you read them in whichever order you wish. With "Salt Creek Anthology," tumble down that brooding, enticing rabbithole that Fisk has created on this unassuming street for yourself, and see just how far the nightmare will take you.

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Salt Creek Anthology: The Hypermodern Paper Edition

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Jason Fisk: Salt Creek tour 2012

In February 2012, Jason Fisk went on a ten-stop virtual author tour to promote Salt Creek Anthology, participating in a series of interviews and also penning brand-new nonfiction essays about the writing process. Click below to check out the resulting blog entries:

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Supplemental and promotional material:

An interview with Fisk regarding the process of writing this book

A critical essay by the publisher, on why he signed the book in the first place

A "passing the torch" essay by Mark R. Brand, CCLaP's last published author, on what he thinks of this newest book

A link to this book's page at, where you can leave comments and read other people's reviews

A photo essay on how the paper version was made

Jason Fisk's personal website

A video of Jason reading from the book (embedded version above), courtesy of the small press Curbside Splendor

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