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Announcing CCLaP's new microblog -- the "CCLAPocracy" | January 6, 2009
Announcing the latest online experiment from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography: The center's own Twitter-style microblog, in which readers debate recent reviews, announce local artistic events, post goofy personal updates and more. Today, all the details. | Read entire entry

CCLaP's virtual headquarters starts coming together | June 1, 2008
CCLaP's virtual photography gallery opens in two weeks (er, maybe)! And as part of that, I'm getting CCLaP's virtual headquarters finished as well, within the pervasive 3D online environment known as Second Life. Click through for many nerdy screenshots! | Read entire entry

Gridhopping: Dr Muglerstein Island opening party | February 9, 2008
Today, one of my rare reports from the virtual world of Second Life; in particular, the opening party for the new space "Dr. Muglerstein Island," created by infamous '80s fashion designer Thierry Mugler. | Read entire entry

Obsession of the moment: Metaplace | September 25, 2007
Today's obsession: The new virtual-reality interface "Metaplace," by revered industry veteran Raph Koster; if it works like he claims, it could very well forever change the way we look at persistent distributed virtual realities online. | Read entire entry

Gridhopping: Yona Friedman's "Spatial City" | September 14, 2007
Today in Second Life: A faithful 3D recreation of the infamous 1950s cutting-edge architectural project "Spatial City," by noted futurist Yona Friedman, constructed in this case by real-life architect Stephan Lorenz, owner of the experiment DEsign Island. | Read entire entry

Gridhopping: Jon Brouchoud's "Reflexive Architecture" | August 31, 2007
Today, the first in a new series of reports here, concerning cutting-edge artistic experiments going on within the virtual world of Second Life. Here, real-life architect Jon Brouchoud, who has been creating what he calls "reflexive architecture" in the Grid -- buildings that change based on interaction from its visitors. Click through for a lot more. | Read entire entry

UPDATE: The latest with CCLaP in Second Life | August 17, 2007
Today, some more screenshots from a freaky little videogame called Second Life, showing the latest on the construction of CCLaP's virtual art gallery there, plus a link to my Flickr account where you can a lot more. Did I mention, by the way, that I'm a complete dork? | Read entire entry

Personal essay: Oh Lord, CCLaP enters Second Life | August 14, 2007
Today's personal essay: An image-heavy look at the construction of CCLaP's new virtual headquarters, within the virtual reality of Second Life. Click through for all the details. | Read entire entry