It is perhaps the day after tomorrow, or maybe the day before yesterday. Two lone scientists work in isolation at a deserted vaccine laboratory, in what may or may not be an apocalyptic America beyond their locked compound, attempting unspeakable experiments in combining plant and insect DNA to produce crops that can defend themselves against attackers. One gets pregnant with twins. A minor lab accident mixes this DNA with her embryos, producing hideous monsters locked in an age-old battle. And that's when the mysterious Solo shows up and decides to make things really interesting. The Chicago Center for Literature and Photography is proud to present solo/down by Lauryn Allison, a dark and surreal body-horror tale in the spirit of David Cronenberg or J.G. Ballard, her full-length literary debut after the self-published and cultishly popular The Beauties in 2011. CAUTION: Not for the weak of either stomach or spirit.

"I couldn't stop turning the pages to find out what happens next, but I was absolutely terrified to find out. The ending was sad, bittersweet in an odd way, shocking, and absolutely bone chilling. solo/down is a thrilling sci-fi novella with just enough horror and magical realism thrown in.... This was an exciting read, one that will appeal especially to sci-fi fans." --A Lovely Bookshelf On the Wall

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Supplemental and promotional material:

An interview with the author, explaining more about how this book came out

A critical essay by the publisher on why he signed the book

A "passing the torch" critical essay by Sally Weigel, CCLaP's last published author, on what she likes about this newest book

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Cover: Blake Lewis.

Special additional thanks to Sarah Bradford, who served as assistant editor of this book as part of her internship with the center.

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