Submitting your work

Submitting your work for review
CCLaP has a standing policy to review any book that any person takes the time to send us, and we particularly enjoy reading work by basement presses and self-publishing authors. You can send ebooks directly to cclapcenter [at] (EPUB or MOBI/Kindle format preferred, but a PDF will do if you have nothing else), or please write to obtain our physical mailing address for sending paper copies. Your book should be published within the last 18 months to be eligible for review. Our reviewers also belong to NetGalley, Smashwords and Edelweiss, so can accept electronic ARCs in that way too. OUR APOLOGIES, BUT CCLAP CURRENTLY DOES NOT ACCEPT EITHER POETRY OR CHILDREN'S/YA BOOKS FOR REVIEW.

Submitting a manuscript or story to CCLaP's publishing program
Click here for more information on submitting a manuscript for possible inclusion in CCLaP's publishing program, or an individual story for possible inclusion in our monthly magazine.