The View From Here: A City All-Star Student Anthology

Chicago goes by many nicknames -- the City on the Lake, the Windy City, the Third Coast, the City of Big Shoulders, the Second City. But for the people who call it home, perhaps the most fitting sobriquet is the City of Neighborhoods, hundreds of them altogether, each containing their own defining character, physical boundaries, and identity. Representing almost two dozen students of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, this second annual CCLaP "city all-star" anthology takes you on a tour of many of these neighborhoods, from the north side's Rogers Park to the west side's Austin, to Bronzeville on the south side and beyond. With an introduction by famed local author Patricia Ann McNair, the voices in this collection are as different as the neighborhoods they represent, and in them you'll get a snapshot of what the next generation of Chicago writers have to say about their hometown, whether born here or adopted into the city.

Contributors include: Stephanie Bi, Dane Campbell, Rob Constantine, Alecia C. Dantico, RS Deeren, Kate Duva, Lee Everett, Traci Failla, Nicole Guappone, Heather Hall, Anna Harnetiaux, Rozina Kidari, Peter Piatkowski, Jasmeen Randhawa, Ingrid Sagor, Dan Sullivan, Esra Tasdelen, Maria Vorhis, Scott Wilson, and Ada Wolin

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Editor: JH Palmer

Cover: Meg Gustafson

ISBN: 978-1-939987-34-1 | Barcode | QR code | Press release

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