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Photography: Youngest Son of the Visual Arts

Of all the major artistic media, only photography appeared relatively late in the course of human history.

While people have been writing, painting, and composing music for thousands of years, they have only been taking photographs since 1826. In that year, French scientist Joseph Niépce snapped the world’s first photo (entitled ‘View from the Window at Le Gras’) at his country estate.

This website is created and run by photography enthusiasts for photography enthusiasts. Conveniently broken up into easily digestible sections, it offers a range of written and visual material on the exciting world of photography.

Two Centuries in Photos

It’s hard to believe, but cameras and photography are still less than 200 years old. In the 195 years since the camera’s invention, however, numerous men and women have achieved immortality by mastering the novel art form.

This website offers a range of excellent photo galleries highlighting masterpieces by history’s greatest shutterbugs. Photographers featured in the gallery section include Ansel Adams (1902-1984), Henri Cartier Bresson (1908-2004) and Walker Evans (1903-1975), among many others.

Contemporary Photography

But while this website is keen to pay tribute to celebrated photographers of the last two centuries, it does not dwell entirely in the past. Instead, this site also covers contemporary photographers and the cutting-edge photo technology they are using these days.

What’s more, by becoming a regular visitor to this site, amateur photographers can obtain helpful advice from their professional counterparts, from the best times of day for taking still photos to the most suitable schools to attend for a career in the field.